Animation • Illustration

Turning the spotlight on bike thieves.

In the autumn of 2018, Veloeye's founder approached SBP with a brief to produce a short animated video that would help explain their anti-theft bike product.

While the product itself was relatively straightforward, they needed an engaging, easily sharable form of media to communicate their solution to the ever-growing problem of bike theft in the UK, and how Veloeye can help bring the biking community together.

Conveying a message that's concise yet engaging.

From the get-go, I was tasked with developing an illustrative style that would help keep the messaging clear, simple and with a visible link to the existing Veloeye brand. To achieve this, I first carried out extensive research on similar types of explainer videos, before settling on a style that used simple outlines and the bold orange of the brand to bring focus to specific elements.

With the illustrations complete and a library of assets to pull from, I began animating the scenes using Adobe Animate and subsequently compiled the parts together within Adobe After Effects. The addition of a professionally recorded voiceover in the final stages completed the project.

The video has since been shared across their social media channels to great reception.