TestCard Marketing

Motion Graphics • Branding • Illustration • Print

Two iPhones side by side displaying mockups of an Instagram post and Instagram story for TestCard.

Expanding TestCard's brand identity through online digital marketing.

TestCard is an award-winning MedTech startup that provides at-home medical testing kits with immediate results via a mobile app. TestCard’s solution is a combination of a non-invasive urine test kit embedded into a postcard, with an accompanying smartphone app that turns a mobile phone’s camera into a clinical-grade scanner.

While working in the Product team as a Digital Designer, I produced a variety of materials and creative assets to drive marketing campaigns and support announcements regarding new company partnerships and exciting product updates.

With the visual style for TestCard's marketing still in it's relatively early stages, I had the opportunity to flesh it out further by creating bespoke graphics and illustrations, and editing images from company photoshoots to begin establishing a more cohesive style.

Driving engagement through
eye-catching animation.

I also had the opportunity to work on two animation projects, by first storyboarding and subsequently producing a series of short videos that featured attention-grabbing kinetic typography and imagery.

The first series focused on highlighting the common facts and myths surrounding UTIs (urinary tract infections), while the second focused on the raising awareness about the lengthy wait times for a GP appointment in the UK.

These were then stitched together on Facebook and Instagram as interactive stories to increase engagement and help drive traffic to TestCard’s website.

Reworking iOS App Store
screens to promote a new
in-app service – Test & Treat.

"Test and Treat" was the focal campaign during my time at TestCard, as it was a distinguishing feature of the app amongst its competitors. It allowed users to not only test their urine instantly and accurately, but could now also connect users – with a positive test result – directly with partner pharmacies and online doctors to receive treatment to their door.

As part of the rollout of this new service, I was tasked with updating the App Store screens for the new app release. This required reworking the screens from the previous version to include new messaging and visuals to better illustrate the product benefits and how Test & Treat works.

Promoting Test & Treat to pharmacies from all corners of the UK.

C+D is a monthly publication sent to every pharmacy in the UK to promote new medicines and products available for order. In July 2021, TestCard was selected to have their UTI test kit featured on the front cover of the August 2021 issue.

With an extremely tight deadline, I was tasked with producing an ad to promote TestCard's Test & Treat service to pharmacies. I chose to reference the visual style set by the new TestCard website to establish a clear link between the two. By collaborating with the in-house marketing team, we were able to finalise the appropriate messaging quickly and turn the final advert around on time.