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A scaled down mockup of the ClearScreen homepage in a desktop browser, sitting behind a mockup of the same homepage on an iPhone

Promoting an innovative
COVID-19 testing solution for enterprise customers.

ClearScreen is an innovative testing solution for COVID-19 that delivers immediate, accurate results through the combined use of a lateral flow test kit and proprietary app. ClearScreen is a cheaper, faster and safer solution than other antigen testing options, which also allows for real time monitoring through an online admin web portal.

Originally developed for use at a leading London hospital, the product subsequently grew in scale and a version tailored for enterprise organisations was built.

During my time at TestCard, I was tasked with conceiving, designing and building a microsite for ClearScreen to promote the product towards potential enterprise-focused customers.

Reworking a previous design
to simplify the user journey.

For this project, I was able to skip the usual conceptualising and wireframing stages by working from an earlier draft of a microsite produced by another designer on the team. From this I could extract re-usable content and imagery and reference an established visual style for ClearScreen, which sped up the design process massively.

I began by reconfiguring the microsite structure to just a single page in Adobe XD, streamlining the content down to what was only essential and creating a simplistic user journey. The primary focus of the microsite was to generate interest and leads from potential customers, and so an embedded form was therefore included at the bottom of the page. A call to action in the navigation was also added to guide the user down the page.

In areas such as the main hero, I was able to flesh out the brand identity with illustrative graphics and background elements. These were designed to catch the user's eye and also create a sense of depth.

The website was built as a static page and launched in June 2021. It has since generated numerous leads and sales with organisations around the UK looking to utilise the ClearScreen product to establish a safe working environment for their own customers and employees during the ongoing pandemic.

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